Two Most Critical Elements of Your 60 Second Commercial

The Wake up Call and Call to Action are the Two Most Critical Elements of Your 60 Second Commercial. The two most critical components of any 60 second commercial are the attention getting opening sentence and your “ask” or irresistible offer at the end. 

The Wake Up Call

Have you ever heard people give a boring commercial or elevator speech? It usually starts with their name, profession and other dull information. The moment the audience recognize the same old message, they stop listening.  This is why your elevator speech or short commercial should begin with an attention getter. 

Here are some simple ways to get the attention of your audience:

1. Ask a question like

a. Have you ever…

b. How many of you …

c. Did you know…

2. Cite a statistic

a. 90% of all people …

b. Maybe you already know that three out of four …

3. Involve the listener:

a. Ask a personal question

b. Invite them to look at something or hold something

Unless you gain your audience’s attention in the first five seconds, you have lost them. Whatever you say after that is a waste of your time. If you catch their attention, however, they will stay with you through your entire 60 second commercial. 

The Call to Action

The second most critical portion of your 60 second commercial is the close.  Your goal is to entice them to take action, either to do something to help promote your business or to purchase something from you themselves. 

If you want your fellow members to do something to promote your business, be specific about what you want them to do and be sure that what you are asking is realistic.  Don’t ask in generalities like: “I want you to tell anyone you know who is thinking about purchasing a house, to give me a call.”  Instead say:  ”If you or your children know anyone who is living in an apartment, please get me their contact information so I can send them a free booklet on ‘The True Cost of Renting’.   Don’t say: “If you know anyone who would be a good referral partner for me, please arrange an introduction.”  Say:  ”If you know a builder or remodeler, please let them know that I can send them business and would like to meet them.”   If you want your fellow members to distribute flyers to those in your target market, ask them to give the flyers to a specific type of individual before the next meeting. 

The best way to interest your fellow members in your products or services is to provide a low risk, compelling offer.  Structure the offer for your prime prospects.

Here are a couple of examples.

A chiropractor might say:

“Would like to decrease your dependence on drugs?  Please raise your hand if you would like my free report on how to increase your natural healing powers by simply removing impediments to the proper functioning of your nervous system?

Note that these offers do three things:

1.   Provide value at absolutely no risk

2.  Encourage those targeted to take immediate action

3.  Provide a follow up opportunity

 Most people recognize that it is almost impossible to close a sale with a sixty second commercial.   If your goal is to close a sale, you must therefore create an opportunity to follow up with listeners who have some interest in your products or services.  A no risk offer identifies those who have interest and creates the opportunity for you to follow up.

To have an effective 60 second commercial, you must get the attention of your audience and compel them to take action.  Therefore, the “wake up call” and “call to action” are the two most important parts of your presentation.

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